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The Robot Garage T-Shirt - My Name is Tibør - SC2019

The Robot Garage

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Many people ask if our logo has a name.  The answer is "yes".  Then some people ask what that name is, and we tell them "Our logo's name is Tibør".  Usually people see this as a conversation stopper.  But the truly intrepid person will ask why.  With a gleam in our eye like that time we had that really big fish on the line, we tell them that the real story is a cross between it being "robot" backwards, and an homage to one of our favorite designers of all time Tibor Kalman.  If they are still there, they might ask about that weird slash through the "0".  Well that is because we took a trip to Finland (though for those of you who are Finnish, or speak Finnish, or like to write angry emails, the Finns use the ö  instead of the ø but honestly when you ask Google translate to sound out the word with the slashed-o, we liked the Finnish-style pronunciation the best.)  100% heavyweight cotton. Plain back.