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Video Curriculum for Classrooms

Bring The Robot Garage curriculum to your school.  Your students will be thrilled and your teachers will be too. For 10 years we’ve been teaching robotics and game design/coding in-person to thousands of PK-8 students.  We’ve become a favorite field trip and assembly destination, and have been awarded substantial grants to provide services to underserved schools.  We are now able to offer two of our most popular programs to schools anywhere in the country, regardless of location, through our new guided video program.

Do any of these problems exist at your school?

  • We own LEGO WeDo kits but don’t know what to do with them

  • Our teachers are not confident in their robotics and coding skills

  • There’s nobody in our area trained to teach these content areas

  • We’d like to start a robotics team but don’t know where to start

  • We don’t have a robust enough curriculum to teach more than a few class periods in these areas

The Robot Garage provides a sustainable solution to these problems: 

  • Video lessons pre-recorded by experts

  • Video timestamps so lessons can be broken into multiple time slots

  • Professional development to develop teacher’s confidence and proficiency in coding and robotics

  • Our videos lead the class while teachers facilitate the hands-on projects

  • Up to 18 months of NGSS aligned curriculum for grades PK-8

  • Designed to let teachers and students share the fun of discovery & success

  • An “aha” moment at the end of each lesson