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Aquabot 3.0 Remote Control

Innovation First Labs

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For the first time, kids can control their pet fish – steering it up and down and around any objects in its path! The new HEXBUG Remote Control Angelfish has 3 different speeds and can travel 3 different directions to explore its environment. Utilize these HEXBUG Remote Control Angelfish to navigate through different underwater environments, without all the messy clean-up. Powered by electro-magnetic propulsion and a water activated automatic on and off sensor, kids can command their pet fish using the newly addition remote control making the AquaBot explore its environment, swim dive and change directions. You can play with their HEXBUG AquaBot collection together by simply using a Channel 1 remote to control the first fish and a Channel 2 remote to control the other fish. To preserve battery life, the AquaBot will go into sleep mode after five minutes of inactivity and wake when activated. But that's not all; kids can play with their HEXBUG AquaBot collection together using our unique control system that allows you to pilot two Angelfish at the same time. These colorful, robotic fish come in 4 various colors and are styled with life-like markings. Colors are selected randomly at time of shipment based on availability.