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Perplexus - Light Speed


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You won’t be able to put Perplexus down - though you may have trouble holding onto it. Everyone wants a chance with Perplexus!

Clearly enticing, mentally stimulating, and often wrestled over - Perplexus is a brainteaser like few others.

Turn, angle, and balance the entire puzzle ball to keep the metal sphere rolling on track. Sound easy? Maybe here and there. But the 100 tough obstacles riddled throughout the tracks are sure to throw you off course. Rare is the individual who masters the maze challenge of Perplexus easily. That's why it's called Perplexus!

With twists and turns, spirals and ramps, and three different starting points – Perplexus is brainwork that doesn’t seem like work. It’s a clever, mental challenge that's just as at home on our conference table as it is on your breakfast table.

Your brain will thank you for the boost it gets from Perplexus. Fully fortified with:

Motor Skills
Hand-eye Coordination
Spatial Thinking