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The LEGO BOOST Idea Book

No Starch Press

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An amazing book by one of our favorite LEGO authors, Yoshihito Isogawa.  

It's often frustrating for many builders to decide what to build next after they have exhausted the builds that come with any set.  This is even more pronounced with a set designed to be open ended and without limits.  This book provides 95 additional simple robots that will both entertain, but also educate the builder on construction technique and the LEGO BOOST system.

One of the joys of a book by Yoshihito Isogawa is that instead of the step by step instructions that LEGO would provide, he provides a list of the pieces along with photos from every angle that allow the builder to figure out how the build is made.  This will force a better understanding of the build and the related concepts, making for a much better builder in the end.